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Natural Tree Sap Pouch (with adhesive bandages) 1 bag

Natural Tree Sap Pouch (with adhesive bandages) 1 bag

Natural Tree Sap Pouch (with adhesive bandages) 1 bag
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Size: 10 pouches w/ adhesive bandage per package
What Is It? A new and innovative product for cleansing.
What Does It Do? A recognized form of cleasning in Japan, Kenshin Trading Corporation brings you the Natural Tree Sap Pouch. As trapped toxins build up in the body, especially in the feet, they impair the ability of the blood to circulate properly resulting in all kinds of physical discomforts and leave the body vulnerable to illness. Relief can be found with the use of the Natural Tree Sap Pouch.


Key Points:

Helps remove built-up toxins from the body.
Great for back, neck and shoulder aches, joint and knee pains, headaches, cold and flu, asthma, bronchitis, rash, athlete's foot and dry skin conditions.
Can eliminate daily stress and negative Qi (Chi) in the system.
May improve blood circulation and soften the skin.
Completely safe and comfortable.

Each pouch contains Tree Sap powder from broad leaf trees (such as beech, oak and cherry) and comes with an adhesive bandage. The Tree Sap Pouch is to be used overnight or longer, if desired. When the pouch is applied to the body it is white in color and the powder moves freely. As toxins are absorbed into the pouch, the powder turns greenish brown and begins to harden.
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