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Heartleaf "Dokudami" Herbal Spa

Heartleaf "Dokudami" Herbal Spa

Heartleaf "Dokudami" Herbal Spa
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What Is It? Heartleaf Herbal Spa is made from the extracts of heartleaf (Houttuynia cordata) and licorice which are currently used in Japan for their unique skin care benefits. It has also been shown to help improve circulation.

What Does It Do? Heartleaf Herbal Spa gently softens and cleanses the skin while it helps to relax the whole body. The natural healing properties soothe external wounds and bug bites as well as helping to reduce general inflammation and skin irritation.
Color and fragrance added.

Key Points:

May help improve circulation
Can relieve aching muscles and joints
Helps soothe external sores and wounds
May reduce inflammation & swelling
Can help relieve itching & burning
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