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Unique, advanced and comfortable neck support products available right here. The device is scientifically designed to cradle your neck along the base of the skull and take the weight of the head off the shoulders and neck allowing for full and deep relaxation. Combined with a neck traction therapy device for ultimate therapy.Doctor Riter's REAL-EaSE is the most advanced cervical neck support in the world. It is so unique that it's patented. It is totally non-toxic and is the simplest, least expensive way to deeply relax your tired, sore neck and shoulders.

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Dr. Riter's ErgoChair - The Natural, Unique, Comfortable Fitness ChairDr. Riter's ErgoChair - The Natural, Unique, Comfortable Fitness Chair
ErgoChair - Replacement Ball
EYE-EaSE - Eye Pillow (Silk)EYE-EaSE - Eye Pillow (Silk)EYE-EaSE Eye Pillow (Silk Blend)
Heartleaf "Dokudami" Herbal SpaHeartleaf "Dokudami" Herbal SpaRelax aching muscles and joints while soothing damaged skin in this unique new herbal spa.
Natural Tree Sap Pouch (with adhesive bandages) 1 bagNatural Tree Sap Pouch (with adhesive bandages) 1 bagA new and innovative product for cleansing. A recognized form of cleansing in Japan, Kenshin Trading Corporation brings you the Natural Tree Sap Pouch. As trapped toxins build up in the body, especially in the feet, they impair the ability of the blood to circulate properly resulting in all kinds of physical discomforts and leave the body vulnerable to illness. Relief can be found with the use of the Natural Tree Sap Pouch.
REAL-EaSE - Neck SupportREAL-EaSE - Neck SupportWhat Is It? The REAL-EaSE is the most advanced and comfortable neck support available today. The product is so unique that we have a U.S. patent. Feel neck pain and stress melt away in as little as 30 seconds of use.
ShiatsuBACK - Unique Back SupportShiatsuBACK - Unique Back Support
ShiatsuROLL - Unique Massage RollerShiatsuROLL - Unique Massage Roller
ShiatsuROLL Hand Massage Roller  (large)ShiatsuROLL Hand Massage Roller (large)An exclusively designed unique self-help health and relaxation device. It features 30 resilient "nodes" providing a manual shiatsu massage effect as you roll it along the body.
ShiatsuROLL Hand Massage Roller  (small)ShiatsuROLL Hand Massage Roller (small)What Is It? ShiatsuROLL is a unique hand-held device designed to simulate a shiatsu massage. What Does It Do? ShiatsuRoll is hand constructed from safe, non-toxic, and ozone friendly materials and features 30 pressing "nodes" that soothe tired muscles and help alleviate tension and fatigue.
  • Profound and Deep shoulder and Neck Muscle Relaxation
  • Feel relief in as little as 10-15 minutes each day
  • Cradles your neck to allow you to deeply and gently relax

Imagine having a skilled massage therapist gently and firmly holding your head, while you completely surrender the weight of your head into their healing hands.  The REAL- EaSE can accomplish deep muscle relaxation for you.

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