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Sen Cha (Premium Green Tea from Japan)

Sen Cha (Premium Green Tea from Japan)

Sen Cha (Premium Green Tea from Japan)
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20 Bags/Box

What Is It? Premium Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) teabags are made of spring-to-early-summer selected young leaves. The use of early spring leaves and the gentle processing give this tea an outstanding taste without a trace of bitterness. After the harvest, the young leaves are steamed briefly then dried. This process is believed to keep the abundant polyphenols (catechin) from being destroyed, as opposed to the fermentation process used for black tea.

Key Points:

All natural
Refreshing taste
Won't grow bitter
One teabag makes 3-5 cups of tea

Some Green Tea Benefits.
Green tea is being recommended today by many health practitioners as a tonic because of its high concentration of polyphenols.

Catechin, (the nucleus of tannin), a polyphenol, is said to be a powerful antioxidant and is abundant in green tea.

How does it differ from similar products in the marketplace?

Our Premium Green Tea is grown in Shizuoka , Japan , the best known area to grow the highest grade tea, by a grower who has been producing tea products for over 50 years.

We use no additives, no coloring, or no preservatives. Also, we use no metal staples on the tea bags to ensure safety and health. Moisture-resistant envelopes are used to preserve the freshness of the tea.

When making iced tea there is no need to boil the water first. You simply put a tea bag into a cup of cold water and move the bag around. After a few minutes remove the bag (or you can leave the bag in as you drink) and add ice, if desired. Enjoy.

Caffeine Content:

The caffeine in green tea is about half of that of coffee. Polyphenols in green tea combine with caffeine and soften the activity of caffeine.

Caffeine Content per Cup
Coffee 80-100mg
Black Tea 60-70mg
Green Tea 40-50mg
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